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At TM Exterior Solutions LLC, our journey began with a passion for enhancing outdoor spaces through impeccable fencing solutions. With roots firmly planted in Dickson, TN, we’ve evolved into a trusted name, delivering bespoke designs and durable structures that redefine property aesthetics. Our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship; it’s about fostering lasting connections, understanding unique needs, and ensuring every project reflects excellence.

"From humble beginnings to becoming a pillar of fencing expertise in Dickson, TN, our goal has always been simple: exceed expectations. We infuse heart, expertise, and innovation into every installation, ensuring our clients' visions come to life. Our success is measured not just in fences erected, but in the trust we've earned and the landscapes we've transformed. At TM Exterior Solutions LLC, it's not merely fencing; it's crafting legacies one fence at a time."
Tylor Mitchell
Founder of TM Exterior Solutions


Customer Raves
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Atta Kontrol
Atta Kontrol
TM exterior did an amazing job on our fence. Very professional & quality work . Highly recommend
Brandon Rigsby
Brandon Rigsby
I had TM Exterior repair a fence and when I say repair basically re build it. They showed up when they said they would and was done earlier than expected. Highly recommended.
Marcie Messmer
Marcie Messmer
Tylor and his guys were so nice and worked hard. Our wood fence was done in two days and our dogs can now run happily around the yard. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a fence.
Traci Wilson
Traci Wilson
Great communication, great price, on time as promised. Will definitely use Tylor again in the future.
Jody Bennett
Jody Bennett
Tyler and his team did an amazing job on our fence. Top notch group would highly recommend for anyone needing fence work done!!
Chris Kergo
Chris Kergo
Absolutely no complaints with this company very professional from the top down! Did everything in 2 days and didn’t leave a mess! Great Company would highly recommend!
Michael Sheppard
Michael Sheppard
Quality work in a short amount of time
trans am
trans am
I found this guy on Facebook and ask for a estimate, he came out quick and beat 2 other people's prices and was very polite, I told him he could do the job for me, he said he would schedule me in, next thing you know I got a call for a few days away and he was here when he said he would be and done a amazing job on our fence, I didn't realize it could look so good, looks better than any of our neighbors, I will definitely recommend this company to any one that wants a well built quality fence at a affordable price, thanks again for the great looking fence!
Dennis Harper
Dennis Harper
TM Exterior Solutions were doing several jobs in my neighborhood. I saw how capably and quickly they worked, so I walked over to one of the sites and asked if I could get an estimate on a small repair job I needed. They gave me an estimate that same day and worked my job into their schedule two days later. The repairs were completed in one afternoon. (Replacing a section of wood fence with double-door gate and tightening up loose sections around the fence perimeter.) I was very pleased with their work. The entire crew was attentive, friendly, and hard-working. I highly recommend their service.

Our Projects

Showcased Excellence

Explore our standout fencing projects, exemplifying quality and innovation.

Why TM Exterior Solutions?

Unmatched Expertise

Decades of honed skill ensure meticulous craftsmanship, crafting fences that harmonize aesthetics and functionality, enhancing Dickson, TN's landscapes reliably.

Tailored Solutions

Each project is a personalized journey. Our consultative approach ensures bespoke designs, adapting to diverse preferences, property types, and budgets seamlessly.

Dedication to Satisfaction

Client satisfaction drives our ethos. Beyond installation, we provide ongoing support, fostering lasting relationships, and ensuring peace of mind long after project completion.

Comprehensive Fence Services

Unlocking Fencing Excellence in Slayden, TN
double gate installation in dickson tn
Seeking to blend convenience with heightened security for your property in Dickson, TN? Double gate installations provide the ideal solution, but the challenge often lies in achieving optimal functionality. Improperly aligned or malfunctioning double gates can cause frustration and compromise security measures. TM Exterior Solutions LLC specializes in seamless double gate installations in Dickson, TN, addressing common issues faced by customers in the industry. Our expertise ensures precision and functionality, offering solutions that guarantee smooth operation and bolstered security for your property. Rely on our seasoned team to tailor a double gate solution that perfectly aligns with your property’s needs and elevates both accessibility and safety in Dickson, TN.
aluminum fence installation in dickson tn
Searching for a fencing option that balances strength with sophistication in Dickson, TN? Aluminum fences offer durability and visual appeal, but inadequate installations can compromise their potential. At TM Exterior Solutions LLC, our forte lies in precise aluminum fence installations, surpassing common issues like rust or improper alignment that often plague improperly installed fences. With our expertise honed through experience, we deliver robust and visually captivating fences that withstand the diverse climate of Dickson, TN, ensuring lasting durability and timeless elegance for your property.
vinyl fence installation in dickson tn
Are you in search of a fencing solution that marries durability with aesthetic allure? Look no further than vinyl fences, a popular choice in Dickson, TN. However, securing a flawless installation often poses a challenge. TM Exterior Solutions LLC stands out in the realm of vinyl fence installations in Dickson, TN, boasting a mastery of the craft. Common concerns like warping, instability, or improper fitting resulting from inexperienced installations can compromise the longevity of vinyl fences. Our solution lies in our meticulous installation techniques, honed through years of expertise, ensuring that your vinyl fence stands the test of time against weather elements and wear. Trust our locally recognized craftsmanship to transform your property with a vinyl fence that embodies both resilience and elegance in Dickson, TN.
wood fence installation in dickson tn
Yearning for a timeless and natural aesthetic to grace your property in Dickson, TN? Wood fences stand as a beacon of classic charm, yet improper installations often result in premature decay or structural instability. TM Exterior Solutions LLC prides itself on its expertise in wood fence installations in Dickson, TN, excelling where many fall short. We understand the challenges faced by customers with issues such as rot, poor structural integrity, or inconsistent finishes, and our craftsmanship stands as the solution. Our seasoned professionals employ precision and quality materials, ensuring that your wood fence not only captivates with its beauty but also endures the test of time, delivering both durability and elegance to your property in Dickson, TN.
fence repair in dickson tn
Are damages compromising the aesthetics and security of your fencing in Dickson, TN? Timely and reliable fence repairs are imperative, yet finding competent and efficient services can be challenging. TM Exterior Solutions LLC takes pride in offering comprehensive fence repair solutions tailored to address various concerns such as weather damage, structural wear, or deteriorating aesthetics. Count on our skilled team for prompt, quality repairs that restore your fence’s functionality, visual appeal, and security. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your fencing stands strong and proud, enhancing your property’s appeal and safeguarding its boundaries in Dickson, TN.

Transform your property with expert fencing!

Process Steps

Our Seamless Approach

Consult & Design

Understanding your vision, we craft personalized designs to match your preferences, ensuring a tailored fencing solution.

Expert Installation

Our skilled team executes precise installations, employing top-notch materials and techniques for durable and flawless fences.

Ongoing Support

Beyond installation, we provide continued assistance, ensuring your fence's longevity, functionality, and lasting satisfaction.


Our expertly installed vinyl fences typically last 20-30 years, with proper maintenance and care in Dickson’s climate.
Absolutely. We use treated wood and protective finishes, ensuring durability against Dickson’s diverse weather conditions.
Yes, we provide warranties on our installations, ensuring quality workmanship and customer satisfaction in Dickson, TN.
We prioritize promptness. Expect our team to assess and initiate repairs swiftly, ensuring your fence’s restoration in Dickson, TN.

Leading Fence Company in Vibrant Dickson, TN

In the heart of Dickson, TN, our fencing solutions resonate with the town’s thriving spirit. With a population of approximately 16,335 and coordinates 36.0777° N, 87.3875° W, our commitment extends beyond crafting fences; it’s about transforming landscapes and homes.

At TM Exterior Solutions LLC, we invite you to discover the transformative power of tailored fencing solutions. Our expert craftsmanship harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, ensuring fences that endure and enhance the beauty of Dickson’s diverse landscapes.

Experience the difference of our consultative approach, where your vision becomes our mission. From initial designs to precise installations, our process is dedicated to manifesting your dream fence into reality. We’re here to elevate your property’s allure while ensuring its security and longevity.

Our team stands by to address your queries promptly. Whether it’s repairs, installations, or exploring the ideal fencing option for your property, we offer personalized attention and professional expertise. Expect nothing less than exceptional service, tailored specifically for Dickson’s unique fencing needs.

Engage with TM Exterior Solutions LLC today and witness the transformation firsthand. Elevate your property’s appeal, security, and functionality with our top-tier fencing solutions. Join our satisfied customers in Dickson, TN, and let us craft the perfect fencing solution to complement your property’s beauty and meet your practical needs.

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About Dickson, TN

Dickson is a city in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Located in Dickson County. It is part of the Nashville metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, Dickson’s population was 16,058. == History == Dickson was named for Congressman William Dickson, as was Dickson County. The City started as a stop on the railroad line between Nashville and the Tennessee River. When Union Troops had finished the supply line during the Civil War, the area was known as Mile 42 post.It is disputed on what the community was known as prior to being named Dickson. Dr. Robert Corlew’s book A History of Dickson County makes the claim that the community was named Sneedsville in honor of a railroad engineer named Sneed who helped complete the tracks under the orders of Gen. Ulysses Grant.

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